The Medium May Be Banned From Australia Release

The Medium is Team Bloober’s latest upcoming release. The video game development studio has made a name for themselves thanks to the line of horror video game titles but it looks like The Medium will be their largest project launch to date. It’s a game that will really dwell into psychological horror and in the past, the studio has made claims that their upcoming game wouldn’t be able to launch on current-generation platforms. In particular, they needed the resources that the Xbox Series X could produce in order to provide players with the gameplay experience that they had in mind. 

We’re getting ready for The Medium’s launch as well with the title slated for a release early into December of this year. As a result, the game has been submitted to various rating boards when it looks like there’s one market that may find some problems seeing the game on store shelves. Apparently, Australia’s rating board has issued a refused classification which means the game won’t be able to sell within the market. 

Normally, when this happens, there’s a reason behind it and developers can go in to make the necessary adjustments. Each market has certain guidelines and restrictions and Australia has apparently something they are not fond of with this game. Unfortunately, there’s been no information released so far on just what the problematic area may be. According to Kotaku, the representative for Team Bloober has stated that they are currently working with the board to get the issue resolved but didn’t alert the publication into what area was troublesome.

Of course, with the game not available in general we can’t speculate what section of the game that may have proved to be an issue for the market. Hopefully, we’ll get some more information on the matter soon, but this may mean that there will be some censorship placed for gamers within Australia while other markets are able to enjoy the game as intended.

Source: Kotaku