Resident Evil Movie Reboot Has A Release Date

The video game industry is no stranger to seeing their video game IPs being adapted into films. While most films fail to capture the same popularity. However, it feels that there are certainly more video game IPs being picked up for live-action films and even television series lately. One of the video game IPs that had a pretty long run in films was Resident Evil and while that series wrapped up a few years ago, it looks like we are getting for a reboot.

If you recall the original Resident Evil movie series, it wasn’t something that adapted the video game narrative. Instead, the series had some of the characters and narrative beats of the video games, but it was mainly a unique storyline. From there, it’s been a standalone type of movie series, but fans can get ready for another attempt at making a faithful Resident Evil movie series. A reboot has been in the works for a while and it wasn’t long ago that we got word of the production filming coming to an end.

While the filming has come to an end, we’re not sure if there are any planned pick up shots or voice that needs to be completed at this point. The production could very well be complete with the cast and are just diving into the last bits of the movie before it’s ready for a debut. We’re a good ways away before we’ll likely get to see the movie, but it does look like we have an anticipated release date.

The website from the production team has listed the Resident Evil reboot coming out on September 9, 2021. That’s all we know so far as there’s potential that it may get delayed in hopes of having a theater debut or we could see this film come out to streaming services similar to other productions at the moment. We’re also waiting for more official material from this production to hit the public. We haven’t seen much from the set or cast of characters.

Source: Constantin Film, Twisted Voxel