Bans Are Inbound For Pokemon Sword & Shield 

The Pokemon video games have been around for decades. From the early years of the Nintendo Game Boy to the latest massive installments for the Nintendo Switch. There’s no stopping the Pokemon bandwagon as it’s been a hit not only in video games but trading card games, animated series, movies, manga, the list goes on. However, you might find the fun will come to a sudden halt if you’re partaking in alternative means to collect Pokemon in either the Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield video games.

Hacking and modifications are nothing new in the world of Pokemon. Players have been figuring out ways to capture select Pokemon or getting their stats buffed. It’s also been a means for hackers to earn money for these specific services. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, players can find that hackers can bring out specific Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon through Raid Battles. It’s through this means that players can buff out their collection quickly and in return, the hackers are getting a profit from altering the game data. 

Now it looks like the developers over at Game Freak along with Nintendo are starting to send out bans soon that target players that have altered with the save data. It’s uncertain just how far these bans will go such as if they will be permanent or if they will simply remove the ability to connect online for a duration of time. With that said, it’s a warning to those that you shouldn’t seek out a quick alternative means for your collection of Pokemon.

For now, it’s a waiting game to see just what these bans will consist of. Likewise, it’s another means to keep the playing ground even for all gamers. Currently, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the latest mainline installments to the franchise and can be enjoyed right now exclusives on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Source: Gamerant, Serbii