Two Heavy-Hitting Development Studios Partner Up For Lawsuit

Cheating in video games is alright in my book if it’s a single-player title. Oftentimes, developers will make these cheats rather entertaining for players to go through the campaign once again. Whether it’s invincibility or unlimited ammunition, there’s a ton of fun to be had well after you finish the game initially. What’s not fun is finding cheats in multiplayer games. This is where everyone can likely agree that cheats should stay far away from online matches. 

However, that doesn’t happen all that much. Every competitive game has some kind of cheat software attached with players looking to get a slight edge. No matter what kind of cheat it is, there’s no room for them in online games. This is usually a cat and mouse type of game with cheat software being recognized by developers and eliminating them along with the players accounts using cheats. Still, there are always cracks that hackers find and use for that competitive edge. Some of these hackers even sell software for other players to use in their games.

Lawsuits are at times a measure used by the IP owners against these cheaters. Usually, they are after those that sell the cheats for profit. It looks like two big-name developers have even joined forces to file a lawsuit against one particular hacker. Riot Game and Bungie have teamed up to take GatorCheats into the courtroom. From the legal action presented by Polygon, it seems that Riot Games is filing for lost revenue from Valorant along with Bungie for their Destiny 2 video game.

Both titles are free to play and the cheat software being sold by GatorCheats is potentially costing these two companies millions. The companies are claiming that with the titles being free to play, the studios rely on in-app purchases from players. However, if the game fails to keep an audience due to the gameplay no longer being fair for everyone, then this would ultimately result in players dropping the titles. There’s no telling just where this lawsuit will end up going, but it looks like GatorCheats has closed up shop for the time being. 

Source: PC Gamer, Polygon