Delilah Originally Had A Different Ending In Firewatch 


Firewatch came out back in 2016 but this indie title was a massively popular hit when it launched. This was an adventure game that played similar to what most called walking simulators. There wasn’t much to the gameplay mechanics outside of players simply walking to different destinations and completing a task. However, the real reason this game stood out from others in the marketplace was the storyline. Just a heads up, in this post, I’ll be spoiling the game so if you haven’t played Firewatch and plan on it, you should avoid reading any further.

The game threw players into the late 1980s where players took the role of Henry, a man who had recently taken on the role of a fire lookout. Being in the late 1980s, fire lookouts were pretty secluded and isolated jobs. For Henry, he only had one means of contact, the other nearby fire lookout named Delilah. While the two were stationed far away from each other, the duo would hold conversations throughout the day with walkies-talkies.

While the two never meet, the couple forms a bond, and through it, Delilah learns the reason why Henry decided to become a fire lookout. However, the main storyline continues to grow the duo, and eventually, the narrative ends with both individuals on good terms. That’s not necessarily how the storyline portrayed the couple originally in the script. During a podcast called Script Lock with Cissy Jones, the voice actress who portrayed Delilah, we get a bit more insight into the game development.

The game script was changed after the actress had started doing the lines for the studio. Cissy Jones made note that Delilah gets upset at Henry at some point during the game and drops the character completely by going silent for the remainder of the campaign. Eventually, the script was changed to make the duo closer, but it’s uncertain just how Delilah going silent would have changed the gameplay campaign.

Source: The Gamer, Script Lock