Sonic The Hedgehog Prototype Finally Discovered

When it comes to video games, some groups cherish the developer’s work. Much like movies, books, and music, some groups seek out the early works and official copies of video games to preserve them as pieces of art. Of course, it can be a bit difficult to find some of those earlier video game projects when it comes to work and assets before the official video game release. However, now decades later, an iconic franchise that’s still beloved today finally has its prototype preserved online. 

Sega is an iconic video game company and at one time a powerhouse console manufacturer. However, their most cherished and iconic video game IP or mascot would be Sonic the Hedgehog. This platformer is still enjoyed today with new releases and even a blockbuster hit movie franchise. For years, this is one IP that has evaded The Hidden Palace, a group that has sought to preserve development work from past video game projects. While it was believed that there was no prototype available for the project, it seemed that the group managed to get their hands on one just in time for the big 30th anniversary for the Sonic IP.

This prototype is not finished, but it shows a bit of the earlier work the development team put into Sonic The Hedgehog. There are some notable differences you would spot such as a large ball early into the first level that could roll over Sonic and the fact that there is one boss in the video game. From there, there might be some minor details that only Sonic fanatics would likely spot, but fortunately, you can read about all the changes to the game from the announcement post from The Hidden Palace. 

Sonic The Hedgehog is still an enjoyable video game experience today and while we are bound to see some new announcements for the franchise this year, we know that there’s a sequel installment for the movie franchise. You can check out the full prototype gameplay footage in the video embedded below.

Source: The Hidden Palace