F-Zero Producer Interested In Franchise Comeback

The F-Zero franchise got its start back in 1990 as a new futuristic racing series. However, the series wouldn’t get its big fan reception until 1996 where the IP took off with new installments. It’s an iconic video game series that helped other iconic game titles take off such as Wipeout. Unfortunately, while this franchise has a fan base, the last game installment to release into the marketplace from the F-Zero IP came out back in 2004.

This is a dormant IP now although it’s clear that Nintendo is keeping the series somewhat alive with the likes of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. While these crossovers are appealing to fans, there are quite a few of us that would love to see another full F-Zero installment hit the marketplace. After all, I’ve seen quite a few posts reflecting on the IP and anticipation to see the franchise make a big return on the Nintendo Switch platform. 

It’s not just the fans that would like to see this IP make a return. While the series was created under legendary video game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, another driving force to make the IP was producer Toshihiro Nagoshi. Of course, since then, Toshihiro Nagoshi has gone on to help create another iconic video game franchise with Yakuza. Recently, the former F-Zero producer just saw Yakuza: Like A Dragon where he held the executive director position, but he did bring up the iconic IP during a conversation with Red Bull France. 

“Mmm… Putting aside the odds of it happening, I must admit I have a lot of affection for F-Zero GX. If the opportunity were to present itself, I wouldn’t mind. And in that case, I’d like to make it a challenging game. I believe that if Nintendo just wants a racing game that is ‘fun and accessible’, they already have Mario Kart for that purpose.”

During the conversation, Toshihiro Nagoshi stated that if Nintendo would have him back for the IP then he would love to make another challenging racing title. When it comes to casual gamers, Nintendo has Mario Kart, but F-Zero would create a fast-paced and intense racing series for fans. However, it would seem that while Toshihiro Nagoshi is on board, it’s ultimately up to Nintendo whether this IP would even see the light of day in terms of another standalone video game installment. 

Source: Nintendo Everything