Quantic Dream Job Listing May Point Towards Mobile Game Release

Quantic Dream is a pretty well-known video game development studio. This company has brought out quite a few iconic video game titles over the years although most of those were catered towards the PlayStation line of console platforms. That was due to the studio not having the means to branch out with their releases. However, thanks to an investment with Quantic Dream, the company has now really thrived. 

So far, nothing has been unveiled quite yet about what Quantic Dream is doing next. In the past, the studio was known for its AAA narrative-focused QTE titles. For instance, you have the likes of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, along Detroit: Become Human. Now a new job post listing may point towards where the studio might be heading.

The job listing was posted earlier this month where Quantic Dream is seeking a mobile game producer, although, there’s no indication as to just what the title will be about. At any rate, this would be a step away from just delivering QTE dramatic video game storylines for the PlayStation console platform. 

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes from this job posting. Additionally, the studio has been bringing up the plans to publish titles into the marketplace as well, but so far there’s been no indication of any developer working with Quantic Dream at the moment so again, we’re waiting on announcements regarding that front as well.

Source: Quantic Dream