David Cage Wants Quantic Dream To Be Publishing Boutique

Quantic Dream is a well-known video game development studio and for years it’s been known for PlayStation exclusive video game titles. However, that suddenly came to a halt when the development studio revealed that a company called NetEase opted to buy a portion of the company. This ultimately allowed Quantic Dream to no longer be tied directly to Sony PlayStation which means that future video game releases would be available on multiple platforms. In a recent interview between studio head, David Cage, and Dual Shockers, we learn that this decision to move away from PlayStation exclusives came years before the release of Detroit: Become Human.

If you’re not familiar with the name of Quantic Dream then you’re likely familiar with their video game narrative-focused video game titles. The last three releases were Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. They offer a cinematic narrative feel as you progress through the story but until now, they were Sony exclusives. David Cage spoke with the folks of Sony and was able to get these three titles over onto the PC platform which the last to be released is the upcoming Detroit: Become Human video game title.

It was two years before the initial release of Detroit: Become Human that David Cage got the interest of moving to a multiple platform-style release. With the help of NetEase the company gained the ability to increase their workforce, self publish their video game titles and even publish other select video games.

While exclusive video game titles may not be out of the question from Quantic Dream’s the future is looking bright and it will be interesting to see just what their first video game title will be outside of the recent PC ports since this decision and deal with NetEase. Furthermore, being that this company is now able to publish video game titles, we would be interested in seeing what other types of video games will get the help from Quantic Dream, a company known for their strong narrative adventure games.

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Source: DualShockers