Fans Speculate Arbiter’s Return For Halo Infinite 

There is a massive fan base for the Halo franchise and with Halo Infinite on its way, the speculation and rumors are flooding the internet of what’s to come with the new installment. It wasn’t long ago that we were getting ready to purchase Halo Infinite from various local marketplaces. The game was slated to launch into the market alongside the release of Microsoft’s latest console platform, the Xbox Series X/S. However, while the Xbox Series X/S launched, it wasn’t met with the release of the Microsoft flagship exclusive.

For years 343 Industries kept Halo Infinite a secret from fans. Outside of knowing that the title was in development, it wouldn’t be until this year that we got any gameplay footage to dissect. Originally, the plan was to showcase the 343 Industries Halo Infinite gameplay footage during the E3 Microsoft showcase. However, because so many events were canceled due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, E3 was no longer a viable option. After E3’s cancellation, several companies opted to hold their own unique live stream events for fans worldwide.

Microsoft held a few events but it wasn’t until within the summer of 2020 that 343 Industries would be apart of the Microsoft stream to reveal the Halo Infinite gameplay footage. Unfortunately, the footage was well below the expectations that fans had put into this game and they were quick to point out the flaws and their disappointment. That ended up delaying the game into 2021. 

While fans wait a good while longer for the upcoming launch of the Halo Infinite installment, it hasn’t slowed down rumors or speculation. One area of speculation going around the web today is if we’ll see the Arbiter return. We’ve seen this character a few times over the years from the Halo franchise and the character was voiced by Keith David. It was rather recently that a fan reached out to Keith David online through Twitter in hopes to get an answer if he was invited to be apart of Halo Infinite which Keith didn’t confirm. That has sparked quite a bit of interest as it could mean that the unconfirmed answer might play towards his involvement with the installment to some degree. Unfortunately, we’ll simply have to wait and find out.

Source: Twitter