Shinji Mikami Looking Towards His Last Video Game Project

You might not be familiar with his name but you’re likely to know of this video game projects. Shinji Mikami is a pretty credible video game designer, director, and producer. This individual has put in quite a bit of work over the years and like anyone, after so long no matter how much passion you have for your work, it may be time to retire and live out your golden years. That’s exactly what Shinji Mikami has in mind but before he does, there is one last video game project left in him.

After getting started in 1990 at Capcom, Shinji Mikami was able to bring out countless video game projects over the decades. To name just a few, this famed developer was behind Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, God Hand, Vanquish, The Evil Within, and he has a new project in the works that are coming out in 2021 called Ghostwire: Tokyo.

While Shinji is not directing this Ghostwire: Tokyo title, he is the executive producer and his time right now is dedicated towards this upcoming video game release. With that said, he does have the energy for one last big project according to an interview between him and Variety. During the conversation of his time getting into the video game industry and up to current days, the topic of what’s next coming up. According to Shinji Mikami, he knows that he’s getting up there in age to where he might not have the energy to really put any effort into crafting a video game project from start to finish much longer.  It’s no secret that video games take years of work as the development studio builds the title up in hopes of a positive reception. 

“My thinking is that if I had a chance to make a game from the beginning to end that’s completely my vision, then definitely, that would be my big last project as a director. It would probably be more fitting as that ‘last game I direct’ kind of thing.”

Shinji Mikami

There’s no telling just when Shinji Mikami will end up leaving the video game industry but one thing is for sure, he certainly left a massive impact. With iconic franchises to massively popular installments directed by him, I’m sure that whatever his last project might be, it will have quite a bit of hype built up around it.

Source: Variety