Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Comes With Super Mario Odyssey At US Retailer

The Nintendo Switch is still a hot ticket item and I imagine there are going to be quite a few of these units purchased for the holiday season. However, this latest deal might be too good to pass up. Today we’re finding out that through the US retailer Walmart consumers can pick up a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that comes bundled with a copy of Super Mario Odyssey.

Holiday seasons usually brings out some great deals and discounts. We just had Black Friday along with Cyber Monday for instance. However, if you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch Pro controller then you might want to look into purchasing a unit from Walmart. In a new bundle deal, players can pick up a brand new unit for the standard $69.99 price point. However, what makes this deal worth it is that the bundle includes a digital code to Super Mario Odyssey

If you’re familiar with Nintendo, their line of video game titles tends to stay at a high price point. Other platforms will see video game titles including exclusives drop in price. As a result, getting this bundle would not only secure you a controller but one of the more recommended first-party exclusives as well. Super Mario Odyssey was a big hit and a game that fans have spent plenty of hours into as they attempted to unlock all the stars possible. 

Likewise, as you might have recalled the Nintendo Switch is also known for having a controller problem. The included Joy-Cons can develop what is dubbed the Joy-Con drift. An analog stick can trigger movement on its own which will require repair or being replaced completely. As a result, it’s recommended in purchasing something like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller which will hold up better than the standard Joy-Cons.

Source: Gamespot, Walmart