Are We Receiving An Uncharted Movie Trailer During The Game Awards?

There are a ton of movies being made from various video games at the moment. We have the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog sequel and there’s also the upcoming Resident Evil reboot. However, one film that may have fans eager to check in on is Uncharted. Some fans are wondering if we’re going to be receiving a trailer for the upcoming film after it was unveiled that Tom Holland will be present during this year’s The Game Awards.

For years Naughty Dog’s Uncharted film has been picked up and dropped. We’ve seen different IPs have a tough time getting off the ground, but the Uncharted game series feels ready to be made into a film. Naughty Dog in general has made some incredible cinematic feeling video games that would likely transition well into a movie and it wasn’t long ago that the Uncharted movie production was picked back up. In fact, the filming production side of things had ended

While we don’t have much information about this Uncharted movie adaptation, we do know that Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame, has been portraying a young Nathan Drake. We’re not sure if we’ll get a trailer or not, but it does look like Tom Holland will be present during The Game Awards this year as a presenter. This could very well be just a means to get more eyes on the event with Tom Holland’s popularity, but others are hoping that his confirmed appearance will also bring along the first trailer for this upcoming film.

We’re sure that there is still plenty of work going into the film, but perhaps a trailer is ready for a debut towards the source material audience. Only time will tell as The Game Awards is set to take place on December 10, 2020. Meanwhile, this is not the only live-action adaptation coming out from Naughty Dog’s work. HBO is bringing out a series adaptation to The Last of Us, although filming has not begun yet and we don’t know just who is making the cast.

Source: Twitter