Microsoft Expects Next-Gen Shortages Until 2021

2020 was a massively anticipated year for the video game industry. We knew well before 2020 hit that this would be the year that both Microsoft and Sony would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, we didn’t expect the entire world to be hit with a health pandemic outbreak known as the coronavirus. Still, even with this virus proving to be a difficult obstacle for everyone around the world, it didn’t stop both Sony and Microsoft from getting their consoles into the market.

It’s actually been a pretty good year for sales in terms of video game software and consoles. With the various lockdowns and quarantine orders, it made consoles along with gaming a great escape from the world. Whether you wanted to connect with friends online to go through a competitive game or get lost in a different world, there was something for everyone. In fact, there was a shortage in several console platforms this year with the coronavirus health pandemic. 

However, there is now a new interest in the video game industry and it’s with the next-generation console releases. Both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S is available, but you may have some trouble finding a unit. Consoles are scarce and even those that pre-ordered units are finding that delays could even lead their console from not arriving until the very end of December. As you can imagine, this is also a reseller’s dream as they can flip consoles online for a steep price increase

If you are wanting to purchase a unit from an official retailer and not take your chances with a reseller, you may want to be holding out a bit longer than you might have expected. This is the holiday season and there is plenty of units being sought after. When Microsoft’s Xbox CO Tim Stuart spoke during the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference, the topic of console scarcity came up. According to Tim, this is something Microsoft had expected.

Turns out Tim Stuart doesn’t foresee the console scarcity to end until after 2021 hits where units being pumped out over the next few months will start to fill up retailer store shelves. If you haven’t picked up an Xbox Series X quite yet then you probably have some time to wait and think about it. In fact, check out our Before You Buy on the Xbox Series X down below.

Source: IGN