Dontnod Entertainment Has Several Video Game Projects In The Works


The Dontnod Entertainment studio has been around for several years now, but it wouldn’t be until recently that the team gained some worldwide notoriety. With Life is Strange being a massive hit, fans quickly flocked to the studio in hopes to see just what else the team could bring out. Since then, it looked like the developers found their mark in the video game industry as an adventure narrative-driven studio that can pump out episodic journeys for players to enjoy. 

It wasn’t long ago that the studio announced that they have brought out a new studio in the Montreal area which would allow the team to plant some roots in the North America area which is where the majority of the games are released from the studio has been based within. Of course, outside of the studio being opened, there wasn’t much known as to what the team will be up to.

Recently the team launched Tell Me Why, a short episodic journey that followed twins as they venture back to their home and begin to dive back into old memories and piecing together what really happened in their lives as they grew up. Of course, we also know that they have another mystery supernatural video game being developed currently called Twin Mirror. Now we’re finding out that the studio is filled with several video game projects.

The CEO for Dontnod Entertainment, Oska Guilbert, was able to confirm that they have six total video game projects in development which means we could potentially see a flock of Dontnod Entertainment video games being put out into the market these next few years. Being narrative-driven video games and released in an episodic format, there’s likely a bit of freedom from the studio to work on multiple projects as the focus would likely always be around the narrative journey players would be embarking on. Of course, that’s speculation right now as we don’t know what other video games are being developed by the studio. 

Source: Dsogaming