AEW Will Have A Video Game Announcement This Month

There is a massive fan base for professional wrestling obviously but the video game industry doesn’t see too many wrestling games release into the market. There’s the line of WWE based video game titles and then the odd unique wrestling game but for the most part, it’s been dominated by the WWE. That’s going to change hopefully soon and it will offer players a more diverse set of games to enjoy. Just like with the actual professional sport, WWE has had some big competition with AEW and now it looks like AEW will have their first big video game announcement this month.

WWE 2K has been a dominant force for the video game industry but as you likely are aware, the last installment was quite a drop-off in terms of quality and polish. It was such a big failure that the next installment was canceled and rather than offer players a simulation game, we instead received an arcade-style game called WWE Battlegrounds. We knew for a good while now that AEW had something in the works and with several of its roster athletes fans of past wrestling video games, we’re sure that there is a ton of work being put into the debut title.

So far, nothing has been unveiled quite yet so we don’t know just how the game will look or handle. Still, it looks like AEW and the development team is ready to get ready for the big reveal as a new Tweet from the official AEW account has alerted fans of their dedicated AEW gaming division account. Not only do we have a new Twitter account to follow, but it also looks like the first big reveal is set to come on November 10, 2020.

In the meantime, we’ll have to sit and wait to see just what the developers can bring out and just how it compares to the long-running WWE 2K series. This could be another devastating blow to the WWE franchise if the game becomes a hit. However, we’ll have to wait and see the fan reception from the initial title reveal.

Source: Twitter