Epic Games Store Has Delayed Previously Previewed Free Game

For years the main way for PC players to get video game titles had been Valve’s Steam digital storefront marketplace. This has been a client that offered not only a slew of video game titles but several features and even deals. This is something that fans have also been keen to use for a long while now and being an established client, there’s a large backlog of video game titles likely featured on your account.

While we’ve seen some digital storefront clients show up and provide players another means to purchase games, it wouldn’t be until Epic Games Store emerged that Steam had a real competitor. With Epic Games having some deep pockets, the Epic Games Store could provide enough content for consumers to jump onto the client compared to the long-established Steam platform. Epic has even been able to cut some deals for various developers and publishers.

Through these deals, certain games would end up being exclusive to the Epic Games Store platform. These are usually timed exclusive deals, but with being exclusive to the storefront, there is a potential of receiving more money with each unit sold thanks to the better revenue cut that the Epic Games Store offers. However, another means for PC gamers to have a free account on the digital storefront is the free video game titles that are offered weekly.

These free video game titles are rather diverse. You may find some weeks to be featuring a small indie hit to other weeks coming packed with a past AAA hit such as Grand Theft Auto V. As a result, most PC gamers will have a free Epic Games Store account just to snag these free weekly video game titles. However, the latest preview title that was set to come out this week has been delayed. Announced through the official Epic Games Store Twitter account, we got word of Wargame: Red Dragon has been delayed but it looks like there will be a replacement which is Dungeons 3.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on just why the game was delayed but it looks like we’ll eventually get the title for free in the coming weeks. Dungeons 3 is slated to be available for free starting tomorrow, but there’s still time to claim this previous week’s free video games, Blair Witch and Ghostbusters: The Video Game today. If you’re looking for some other great deals and discounts, I would recommend checking out our Weekly Video Game Deals page.

Source: Twitter