Resident Evil 3 Datamine Might Have Revealed Nintendo Switch Cloud Version

There’s a ton of love for the Nintendo Switch console hybrid. It’s a neat little device that allows players to enjoy games docked to be used on their home televisions or taken on-the-go. Of course, the latter means that the console itself is not as powerful as the likes of the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. In some cases, this doesn’t matter as Nintendo usually comes packed with great first-party releases. However, this also means that some games that end up on the Nintendo Switch from third-party developers will mainly be a bit underpowered. 

That may come to a change here soon as it looks like Nintendo is making more use out of the cloud gaming technology. Cloud gaming in general is becoming more mainstream with the likes of Google Stadia, xCloud, and Amazon Luna. However, the Nintendo Switch will be able to make use of this through various individual video game purchases that can’t run on the system. We’ve seen this recently with the likes of Remedy Entertainment’s Control, a game that just launched on the Nintendo Switch.

Users who opt to play these cloud-based games will have to use the Nintendo Switch online which means being connected with a stable internet connection. That may be easier said than done for some, but it’s an alternative for those who want to enjoy some of these more intensive video game titles. One of the latest leaks that may have emerged online is Resident Evil 3. If you recall, the installment received a remake which is available through Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. 

Now it looks like a data mine may have revealed a Resident Evil 3 cloud version is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. This is not new for the Resident Evil franchise either as in Japan players were able to get a cloud version of Resident Evil 7. Depending on how well these first few games take off, we may see more intensive video game titles released into the market for the Nintendo Switch but with cloud gaming as the main focus of enjoying these titles. It might ruin the portability of this device, but it will allow some gamers to enjoy the latest video games on the platform.

Source: Nintendo Life