Control Is Now Available Through Nintendo Switch

Control is a deep third-person cinematic video game and it very much feels like a Remedy Entertainment title. This game stars a woman named Jesse Faden, who is seeking out answers to her missing brother where her search eventually puts her into an old building in New York. Known as The Old House, this building is actually a headquarters for a secret government organization agency that deals with paranormal activities. 

Something went wrong and now an odd entity is loose, leaving the building staff mostly incapacitated. Hope is now left on Jesse to find out what this entity is and take it out before it’s able to break free from this building and flood into the world. As mentioned, this game takes place in an old building but it’s by no means a small area. You’ll encounter a large map with different secret passageways and hidden areas to explore. Some of which will be locked away requiring you to have a certain ability or level to take on the different enemies.

As you can imagine, the game doesn’t seem to be capable of running on the Nintendo Switch hardware as is. Still, the game is available on the platform but through a different means. It’s a title that will be available for cloud streaming. This means that your Nintendo Switch will need a constant internet connection, along with being stable as well. Still, you will need to purchase the game for $39.99 in order to play the title but it will come with the game and its expansion packs.

This title is available on multiple platforms right now but if you want to dive into the game on the Nintendo Switch then you’ll at least have an option to do so. If you’re still uncertain if the game is worth the purchase then I suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload featured right down below.

Source: VGC