Ubisoft Unveils Ubisoft Plus Game Streaming Subscription

There’s been a bigger movement these past few years for cloud gaming. It’s slowly becoming a mainstream means to enjoy the latest video games although at this point we’re still pretty earlier into this movement. At any rate, it may seem that this next-generation of console platforms may make use of cloud gaming a bit more than before. Today we’re finding out that Ubisoft is joining in on the fun with their own take on the streaming subscription service.

Ubisoft is giving its Uplay Plus service a bit of a facelift. This subscription service is now going to be called Ubisoft Plus and it’s going to offer cloud gaming access to their catalog of video game titles but through different services that will be available for the general public. So far this is going to be a PC only focused venture for Ubisoft that will only be available through Amazon Luna along with Google Stadia platforms. If you’re not familiar with Amazon Luna, this is a new cloud gaming for Amazon that offers players the ability to enjoy games through a subscription service but it would be seemingly offered in different packages such as Ubisoft Plus.

This would be incorporated into Amazon Luna starting on November 10, 2020, which then players in the United States could enjoy a beta version of the subscription. Meanwhile, the Google Stadia platform is supposedly set to receive Ubisoft Plus sometime later within the year. We’re not sure if there will be a price difference between the platforms, but for now, it seems to be a $14.99 per month packaged deal. 

Depending on the amount of content that will be available right at launch, there may be some interest in the Ubisoft Plus subscription service rather than having to go out and purchase each title. Unfortunately, there’s no word on if this subscription service would slowly make its way off the PC platform and onto consoles in the future.

Source: Gamesradar