Amazon Announces Luna Cloud Gaming Service

We’re seeing quite a few companies move to game streaming. While video games have come in a variety of formats, the move from digital to just streaming seems to be something we’ll see more of in this upcoming generation of video game platforms. Google has Stadia, Sony has PlayStation Now, Microsoft’s is coming out with Project xCloud, and now we’re seeing Amazon enter the ring. It looks like Amazon will have a cloud gaming service called Luna.

With Luna, players will gain access to different video game titles to stream immediately. It’s apparently being broken up into what Amazon is calling channels that players can subscribe to. For instance, we know Amazon has a Luna+ channel that will give players the ability to stream video games at 4K and 60 FPS. There’s of course a collection of games available, we’re not sure just how many will be available at launch, but from what it looks like, they will be free to those that subscribe to the channel.

Some of the games unveiled so far include the likes of Control, Resident Evil 7, A Plague Tale: Innocence, GRID, Abzu, among others. It’s tough to tell just how successful this service will be but it should be backed rather well with Twitch. Twitch viewers will see some integration where subscribers will be able to instantly jump into the game if it’s available on a channel they are subscribed to. Unfortunately, we’re not sure just how much those channels may run players.

For starters, it looks like Amazon Luna+ will be available to consumers at $5.99 a month but that’s just the early access phase. We should see this fee jump up a bit after the service makes a full launch at a later point. Those that want into its early Access phase must be in the United States and then can only request access. At any rate, this could be a real contender as it’s slated to be available for mobile devices, PC, and the Amazon Fire Stick. All players would need is the unique controller for Luna which will run players $49.99. 

Source: The Verge