Troy Baker Is Interested In Taking Part In The Last of Us HBO Adaptation

Several IPs are being picked up for movie adaptations right now. Sonic just had a successful film launch with a sequel in the works, a Monster Hunter film adaptation is gearing up for a release, we’ve recently seen our first look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, and there’s, of course, The Last of Us HBO series adaptation. The latter of the bunch has quite a few fans eager to see just how the series holds up with the video game narrative and even more are intrigued as to who will be taking the roles of these various fan-favorite characters. One particular individual is not only intrigued as to who may play Joel in the series but also has an interest in joining on on the series.

Troy Baker is a massive name in the video game industry. This actor has lent his voice to so many characters over the years and one of those happens to be Joel from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2. The gruff American man that’s been a protector for Ellie has quickly gained a following from fans, but when the series adaptation was announced from HBO, there were plenty of debates online as to who could pull the character off.

While Troy was responsible for the character in the video game medium, there are plenty of fan picks of actors that could potentially become a great option for the iconic character. HBO also has deep pockets so there’s really no telling just who will get the spot for this legendary protagonist. Fortunately, Troy Baker is fine with not being cast as the character for the HBO series role. Instead, he has eyes on another potential character.

According to Troy, he would like to be just a random character that gets infected. From there, his only request is that Joel would be the one to blow him up in some likely over-the-top way. We’re not sure if that will come to fruition but it’s at least one fun option that Troy has in mind. For now, it’s a guessing game as to who will be cast in this series and of course just how far the first season will take players in terms of the video game narrative. 

Source: Gamesradar