Iwata Support Slumps at Nintendo

Internal support for Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has fallen to 77.26 per cent, down from 92.86 per cent three years, with Nekkei reporting that there is a small chance Iwata may be voted off the company's board. 

Nintendo's upcoming General Meeting in June is described as being the backdrop of a month of "trials" for the beleaguered executive.  

The company's Chinese investors are said to be angered by Iwata's performance of late with one analyst stating that the company “ought to actively put their characters and other assets to use” in a bid to reverse an unprecedented three year run of losses. 

Nekkei further hints that there is the possibility that Iwata may be removed from Nintendo's board of directors in June which would have significant implications for his role as CEO of the company. 

Nintendo slashed both its hardware and software sales forecasts for the fiscal year which ended yesterday with sales of the Wii U projected to be just 2.8 million for the year compared to orginal estimates of nine million. 

As part of Iwata's attempts to broaden Nintendo's services, the company has entered the Japanese healthcare market.