Apple iOS Users Now Able To Use Xbox Remote Play

Apple users have been a bit behind for Microsoft’s Xbox specific features. However, recently iOS was finally granted access to Xbox Remote Play a feature readily available on the Xbox application. This means that if you ever wanted to use your iPhone or iPad to stream your video game content from the Xbox One then you’ll finally get the ability to do so.

This feature acts quite a bit like how Nintendo showcased the Wii U. If you recall, the Nintendo Wii U had a screen right on the gamepad which allowed users to simply stream the game right on their controller without needing the television display. With Xbox Remote Play, the feature will allow players to stream the content being featured on the Xbox One console right in your smartphone or tablet displays. It’s a neat little feature that we’re sure fans will be making use of. 

While the feature will be supported with the next-generation platform, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, this is not the same feature as the xCloud. To clear up some of the confusion, the Xbox Remote Play feature is only streaming video games that are being played on your local Xbox One console. That content will be streamed to your phone application. The xCloud is a new streaming service that allows players to stream Xbox Game Pass titles on their smartphone without the need for an Xbox One console.

So far the xCloud streaming application is only available on Android devices. Furthermore, users will need to be subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier. Unfortunately, it’s still a battle between Microsoft and Apple to allow this application service on their smartphones and tablets. In the meantime, Xbox Remote Play will have to suffice.

Source: VGC