Apple Will Not Allow Xbox Project xCloud On Their App Store 


When it comes to the current-generation of gaming, we’re seeing more of a push for digital streaming. There have been several companies starting up their own digital stream services that would allow players to enjoy the latest video game titles without necessarily having the equipment to properly run them. For instance, there’s PlayStation Now that really took off this generation that gave players the ability to stream select past backlog of Sony titles through the PlayStation 4 before adding more current-generation games into the mix along with additional platform support such as the PC. 

Following after we had the likes of Google Stadia and now Microsoft is preparing their launch of Project xCloud. If you’re unfamiliar with Project xCloud, it’s just like PlayStation Now, only with current-generation games that can be found on the Xbox One. This can range from third-party titles to first-party games. Likewise, these games can be enjoyed right at launch through the Xbox Game Pass subscription, an alternative to Project xCloud where players can download the games rather than stream them.

At any rate, Project xCloud is leaving the beta form and will be available for players to enjoy through the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, a subscription service that offers Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. While Project xCloud is intended for smartphones and tablets, it looks like the subscription service will only be available on Android for the time being. Apparently, Apple is uncertain by the type of content that could be offered on the Project xCloud service.

Speaking with Business Insider, Apple stated that they are careful with all the applications that are offered on the App Store. Since this Project xCloud would allow players to gain access to Xbox Game Pass, there’s no real want to individually approve each game that is added into the mix. As a result, the company is not allowing the service onto the App Store.

This would make sense if it’s not for similar services that are offered on the App Store. With the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, which offers a similar service but with a different form of entertainment media, being featured on the Apple App Store, it doesn’t make too much sense why Microsoft is getting denied, but we’ll likely see some negotiations come out from this which would allow Project xCloud to be featured through the App Store.

Source: Business Insider