PlayStation 5 Trophies Will Reportedly Offer More Digital Unlocks

We all know of some friends that really take gathering trophies and achievements to the next level. There’s no satisfaction in completing a video game until all the trophies are unlocked and from there you have usually uncovered everything available within the game. Now it looks like Sony may give you another reason to check into trophies if you never gave them much thought in the past. Rather than having 100% a game, the new trophy system may actually reward players with some in-game goods.

As reported on the Wccftech publication it was discovered that the PlayStation 5 will have trophies that will allow players to unlock other in-game goods without having to get the platinum trophy. There’s no telling just what all players may be able to unlock, but instead of grinding away for the platinum trophy, you might be able to showcase some in-game goods just from completing a few simple trophy goals.

In a recent video highlight the PlayStation 5 UI, Wccftech noticed that the trophy goals for certain games unlocked banners and avatars without the trophy being platinum. Instead, it looks like we may get some games that will reward players with some in-game goods after reaching something as simple as a bronze trophy. This has players talking online at just what all the in-game trophies may unlock for players in future game releases.

It was revealed on the PlayStation Blog earlier this month that Sony was reworking the trophy system altogether. Originally the trophy level was 1-100 but that has since changed to 1-999. This means that your future trophy level will be altered with a new level that corresponds with the trophies you’ve managed to unlocked currently. From there, if you want your trophy level icon to showcase platinum then you’ll have to grind to level 999. We imagine that there will be plenty of notable unlocks you’ll get for your account along the way as well.

Source: Wccftech, PlayStation Blog