10 Of The Most Frustrating Video Game Trophies

To show off your skills and dedication to a video game, developers provide players with challenges that will grant them an achievement or trophy. These trophies can be as simple as playing through the game and completing select levels. However, to get into the nitty-gritty of the title, you may find yourself going through tough requirements to unlock a particular trophy. We’re going to showcase some of the hardest and most annoying trophies you could unlock in a variety of video games. Of course, with that said, we’re going to avoid using games that require a certain amount of kills or hours logged into the title.

Sure logging in countless hours or select kills can be annoying to deal with, but they are not all that impossible in obtaining. As a result, we’re going to showcase some of the more challenging trophies that require precise skills and patience.

#10 Online Trophies

So for this particular pick we could list out several video game titles. There are some developers that put out video game titles that feature online trophies. These can be relatively easy to collect too but what makes this hard or at times impossible is if the game servers comes to an end or anything that would change up a mode required to earn a trophy. Sometimes you could find a video game with a relatively easy to come by trophy but difficult to get a match started with few active players. Unfortunately, it’s just the price you have to pay if you’re not picking up video game titles relatively close to their launch.

#9 Wolfenstein 2 – Mein Leben

Wolfenstein 2 can be a tough game and there are several difficulty options available to play around with. However, for one trophy, you need to complete the game on the Mein Leben difficulty which is the most difficult option in the game. What makes this option insanely difficult is that not only does the game toughen up but you’re given one life. That’s it, you use that one life throughout the entire game and you don’t get any checkpoints. That is a difficult trophy to get and likely not something most opted for when going through the game. For most, this is the difficulty to see just how long you actual last, let alone an option you actively play in hopes of completing the game in one sitting, no checkpoints and the fear of having to completely restart the game if you die.

#8 Max Payne 3 – The Shadows Rushed Me

It’s been more than just a few years since Max Payne came into the spotlight but in 2012, Rockstar Games was ready to give a new installment into the franchise with Max Payne 3. Fans who were looking to gather all of the trophies and achievements available for the game had one incredibly tough obstacle to overcome and that’s The Shadows Rushed Me. This is no easy task to complete but if you went through the trophy, A New York Minute, then you will have a bit of an understanding of how to go through the game quickly. The Shadows Rushed Me requires gamers to beat the game in one sitting. Not only that but you’re on a timed clock which can only be increased through the means of kills much like the A New York Minute trophy. Likewise, you cannot die at all during the campaign. That means going from the very start to the very end with one life and a constant clock that is dwindling down in time.

This means that every bullet and shot will count along with making precise moves. Don’t get too greedy or quick as you can easily find yourself restarting the entire game. There are plenty of guides online that show how to go through this title which could help in getting the trophy a bit easier, but again, don’t expect a cakewalk here. Gamers will likely need to play the game a few times to get comfortable of the level layouts and difficult options.

#7 Super Street Fighter IV – Trial Athlete

Fighting titles can be tough in general to get various trophies especially if you have to go through the game with select characters. Super Street Fighter IV for instance definitely had a difficult trophy to acquire which is called the Trial Athlete. This trophy will require gamers to not only be skilled with the game but also familiar with all the characters. This is not only near impossible for newcomers to the Street Fighter franchise but veterans alike which you can view in various forums online over the frustration some gamers have been dealing with just to get the trophy unlocked. To unlock the trophy, gamers would need to complete all twenty-four challenges with all thirty-five character trials. Again, there are tips online on how to acquire the trophy such as pacing yourself through the trials but at times there are suggestions for gamers to pause during the game to plan out your attacks. Would you consider pausing the game to plan out attacks cheating?

#6 Titan Souls – Most Trophies

Titan Souls is a fun little indie title that puts players in battle with a series of boss fights. These battles can be challenging in their own right, but the developers behind the title, Acid Nerve, decided to up the ante with a slew of difficult trophies to unlock. There are trophies that require defeating bosses in under ten seconds, using specific combat mechanics, completing the game in under twenty minutes, to even completing the game while never rolling, which is pretty essential to avoid the bosses. If you’re looking for a real challenge then we suggest unlocking all the trophies in Titan Souls, with that said, good luck.