10 Of The Most Frustrating Video Game Trophies

#5 Dishonored 2 – Clean Hands

Stealth games tend to allow players to take out any threats quickly and blending back into the shadows. Dishonored is a franchise that is known for this style of gameplay but developers, Arkane Studios, wanted to give players a challenge with the sequel, Dishonored 2. The game came with the trophy Clean Hands which forced players to go through the game without taking anyone’s life. This is entirely possible but it will require players to be extremely stealthy and move through the map without raising alarms making it practically impossible to continue on without fighting back.

#4 Grand Theft Auto V – Close Shave

Grand Theft Auto V was a massive video game hit and it came with some overhaul mechanics when compared to the previous installments. However, flying through the city by means of helicopter, plane or jet, is still a challenge and not necessarily as smooth as some of the other finely tune mechanics. It’s not easy flying through the large city with soaring buildings all around you but for those who are skilled enough to fly through small gaps then you may want to try unlocking the Close Shave trophy. This trophy requires gamers to complete all the Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges. Essentially, you’ll need to fly through areas of the map that are very tight and the slightest mistake will easily cause you to crash.

#3 Super Meat Boy – No Death Trophies

Super Meat Boy was a huge indie title hit that you undoubtedly played on one platform or another. Overall, the game put players in control of a character made of meat that must go through a series of dangerous obstacles that would instantly kill the character such as giant circular blades. This game proved to be addicting and enjoyable along with providing its share of headaches. One way to provide plenty of frustration is through the no death trophies. With each world, there is an unlockable trophy which requires the player to go through the various obstacles without dying. These trophies are mixed between gold and silver but if you’re after the platinum trophy then you will have to unlock all of the trophies anyway.

#2 Gran Turismo 5 – The Gold Standard

Much like fighting titles, racing titles are full of challenging trophies to unlock. For instance, you can take a look at Gran Turismo 5 which came with a trophy called The Gold Standard that required gamers to get a gold trophy for every race event, license test, and special event. There are plenty of gamers online complaining of the difficulties this trophy requires from gamers such as the amount of time you’ll have to put into the various races or vehicles just to get gold. This is nothing out of the unusual for certain racing video game franchises so for veterans of games like the Gran Turismo series may find this trophy to be a bit easier than others.

#1 The Elder Scrolls Online – Emperor

Getting some trophies are practically impossible especially when they are MMO based and you’re facing against players all around the world. That’s the case for The Elder Scrolls Online which has a trophy called the Emperor. All you have to do is reach the number one spot on the PvP leaderboard. Again, with players all around the world playing the game it’s going to be a very difficult feat to accomplish, but at the very least it’s a platinum trophy. Though we’re not entirely sure just how many gamers out there have this platinum trophy.