Starfield Will Feature Brand New Animation System

One of the anticipated video game titles coming from Bethesda is a brand new IP called Starfield. This game has been teased very little by Bethesda and we’re still really in the unknown on just what we can expect from this game. While most of us had expected Bethesda to showcase Starfield in some format during E3 2020, that event was altogether cancelled due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. While some press conferences went on through the likes of online streams, Bethesda refrained from showcasing anything online, in general, to make up for E3’s cancellation.

As a result, Starfield is still a title tucked away behind Bethesda studios. We know that this is a game set in space and that it’s slated to come out next-generation before the launch of the next main installment for The Elder Scrolls series. Again, that’s about all we know officially for Starfield and with Microsoft now owning Bethesda thanks to their ZeniMax Media deal, we may see Starfield become an Xbox Series X and PC platform online exclusive. That’s of course, speculation as we don’t know just when the game will launch or just what platforms Microsoft will see the title release for.

However, one other bit of news came out today as it was spotted through a Linkedin profile. Bethesda developer Eric Braun, took to this Linkedin page and noted that he rewrote the animation system for Starfield from scratch. It looks like we are going to see some big overhauls to the game in general which should hopefully look quite appealing after the same system was used for other past Bethesda video game titles. 

For now, it’s back to waiting on new information to be released regarding Starfield. At the current moment, it’s unknown just when the game will release, but we’re hopeful that some information about the title and maybe even a trailer will make its way out into the public within the coming year. 

Source: Gamesradar