Konami PT Demo Will Not Be Compatible With PS5

Those of you who were hoping to bring over the PT demo from the PlayStation 4 onto the PlayStation 5 will be disappointed. It looks like Konami is putting a wrench into the backward compatibility process for the upcoming next-generation PlayStation 5 console. Thanks to a report by Gamesradar, we’re finding out that the popular PT demo which highlights the now-cancelled Silent Hills video game will continue to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, that’s of course, if you have a copy downloaded before the game was removed online.

PT was a surprise launch back in 2014. During Gamescom a small teaser released showcasing a new horror game demo from an indie studio. The game was simply titled PT and those with a PlayStation 4 could go to the digital storefront and download a copy for free. It was a cryptic puzzle game filled with horrifying moments. Ideally, it was a survival horror game demo that was supposed to take players a long time to finish before they got the real surprise announcement. Once players finished the game, it was revealed that PT stood for Playable Teaser and announced that the actual game demo was based on a brand new Silent Hill video game.

Officially titled Silent Hills, the game was being developed under Konami’s in-house developer, Hideo Kojima and this had fans eager to see what would happen with the franchise now under control by world-famed developer Kojima. However, that game never saw the light of day as shortly after Hideo Kojima split off from Konami, and thus the game was cancelled. Only the PT demo was left in its place before it also got taken down by Konami.

Now the only official way to play this demo is through a PlayStation 4 console that had downloaded PT before it was taken down. Fans who wanted to keep enjoying this demo for the foreseeable future may have assumed that PT could be transferred over onto the PlayStation 5 thanks to its backward compatibility, but that’s not the case. Konami confirmed to Gamesradar, that PT will not be able to transfer over onto the PlayStation 5. This could be a big bummer for fans but at the very least, we’ve seen several PT remakes get released online so there are some ways to enjoy this game even if it’s not official. 

As for the Silent Hill franchise, we’ve been waiting for a new game announcement to be made at different online events. Nothing has come out yet, but there is always a growing batch of rumors circulating online that something is in the works but like everyone else, we’re waiting to find out just what that might be if these rumors end up being true. 

Source: Gamesradar