Rockstar Games Has Acquired Ruffian Games

Ruffian Games may not have the biggest name recognition, but the studio has been around since 2008. It’s likely the most notable video game release is Crackdown 2, but since then the development team has been working on several other IPs. It wasn’t long ago that the studio confirmed to be working with Rockstar Games on a project, so the companies have been connected for a little while now. 

Now it looks like the studio has been absorbed by Rockstar Games. There is no word on just what the studio is helping with in regards to Rockstar Games, but this acquisition may help the Rockstar Game company thrive with the next-generation platforms. After all, the studio only had released two main video game installments for the current-generation platform which is a port of Grand Theft Auto V and the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. Now with the extra studio and resources available, we could see more content being pumped out for these two titles as both have online components still being supported.

While we don’t have too many details right now on what the studio is working on, we do know that there is a new name given to the studio. Rather than being labeled Ruffian Games still, Rockstar Games has changed the name to Rockstar Dundee. In the meantime, this is not the only studio to have been picked up this year by another company.

Last month we got the word of Microsoft purchasing ZeniMax Media which comes packed with several studios and IPs. Arguably the biggest video game development studio in the mix is Bethesda which gives Microsoft control of the likes of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

Source: The Gamer