Compilation Video Showcases Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Gameplay

The Mario Kart franchise got its start back on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and over the years we’ve seen installments released into the marketplace. From new home consoles to handheld gaming platforms, Mario Kart is one of the go-to IPs for Nintendo when moving their latest hardware units. However, the latest upcoming release is something truly unique and it’s going to be interesting to see just how well the title does.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is the next installment to the franchise but it’s not a standard Mario Kart title. Rather than being purely software, this is a game based on RC cars and making the tracks to drive right at home. Essentially, players will be able to make up the course around their home and use the Nintendo Switch to view an augmented reality course. As you drive through the course, you will also be controlling the RC car around your home. It’s a game and toy hybrid, but if you wanted to get some more gameplay footage then check out the video below.

Nintendo Everything managed to take all the promotional footage used on the Japanese website for this upcoming Mario Kart title and uploaded it into one single video online. It offers a look at some of the power-ups and characters you’ll be racing against. However, the overall setting of the house remains the same. In fact, for those of you who wanted to take this course outside, you’re going to be out of luck.

It wasn’t long ago that Nintendo stated that these RC cars are not recommended for outdoor use. Likewise, it’s not recommended for these cars to fly off-ramps. While ramming them into common household items shouldn’t damage the product at all, there is some concern if anything were to fall down and directly hit the cars from above. This could be a big bummer to those that wanted to set up a course outside or was worried about not having room enough indoors to really make use of this upcoming installment. 

Still, for those that want to enjoy Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch, there is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s the latest mainline installment to the franchise for the Nintendo Switch that still has a very active online community. You won’t have any problems finding a game to jump into online or even tournaments if you wish to test your skills. 

Source: Nintendo Everything