Monster Hunter Movie Teaser Released

There’s a ton of video game film adaptations in the works or have been released into the market. Some of those have been great while others fail to capture the game’s charm. We have the likes of an Uncharted movie, a sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog film, an HBO series adaptation of The Last of Us, and even a film covering Monster Hunter. It looks like another Capcom IP will soon hit the theaters near you, as long as they are opened up that is. 

If you can recall back a few years ago, Capcom recently saw their Resident Evil cinematic universe adaptation come to an end. The series was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson which starred Milla Jovovich. After six films, the series finally concluded and it apparently was a big moneymaker to see Capcom once again hand over the reins again to Paul W. S. Anderson in order for Monster Hunter to get adapted. We’re even seeing Milla Jovovich take on a feature character as well. 

Monster Hunter has since entered post-production and we’re just waiting for the film to release which is apparently set for December 30, 2020. Now during a virtual New York Comic Con stream, we got to watch an interview featuring the director, Paul W. S. Anderson. It was during the interview that we got a teaser of the upcoming film. It’s at the 42-minute mark within the video above, but it’s there that you get a look at some of the action sequences. 

As for the overall premise, this movie will follow a military force that ends up going through a portal. Landing in a world filled with giant monsters, the group is forced to fight off the creatures in hopes of finding a way back home. While the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak is still very much a big part of the world right now, there are hopes to see the film released into theaters on December 30, 2020.

Source: Gamesradar