The Talos Principle Sequel Is Still In Development

Developed under Croteam comes The Talos Principle a video game that revolved around players completing a series of complex puzzles. Within the game, players take the role of an android who awakens on an island with nothing but a series of puzzles in his way. Slowly, as you complete the puzzle tasks, you’ll gain access to a mountain where the hidden narrative starts to shed light revealing the reason behind the android and the island filled with puzzles. It’s quite the popular game since it launched in 2014 however, those that wanted a sequel was left in a long waiting line as Croteam is still in pre-production. 

Croteam is just delivering Serious Sam 4 on PC today and we’re getting ports for the current-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021. There’s no word if another port will come for the next-generation Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, but it looks like the next big project after Serious Sam 4 is completely finished will be The Talos Principle 2. This bit of news comes from PC Gamer who had a chance to speak with Jonas Kyratzes the co-writer of the first installment of The Talos Principle

According to Jonas, the writers are getting together and plotting out the story of The Talos Principle 2 that will make it appealing for fans. This is especially difficult because of how the original game ended. At any rate, that’s a problem that seems to have been solved as the writers are coming up with plots and have a basic premise ready for development. While it’s been several years since the first game came out, the development team has been busy with Serious Sam 4 which every studio gets incredibly busy during the last few months before launch.

“It’s this kind of back-and-forth, but when a project goes into extreme mode—I don’t mean crunch, I just mean the last few months of a game, everybody has steam coming out of their ears, so everybody’s been really focused on Sam for a while now.

But Talos 2 is definitely happening, we definitely have a plan, we have a pretty good story that I’m very happy about. Because it’s very difficult to do a good sequel like that, especially when the first game kind of wraps up the plot in hopefully a satisfying way for most players, and you don’t want to just go, ‘Oh that didn’t happen, and now you have to do it again!’ So we have a very interesting, very ambitious story for the second one, and then we just have to execute it.”

For now, there’s no indication as to when we can expect The Talos Principle 2 to hit the marketplace, but we should hear something soon now that Serious Sam 4 has finally hit the marketplace.

Source: PC Gamer