The Medium Receives A Creepy Story Trailer

The Medium was first introduced to the world during the Inside Xbox live stream that happened in May of 2020. From the development studio Bloober Team, we are going to be enduring another psychological horror video game experience. Players will be taking the role of a woman that will be going through two different living worlds. While information is a bit scarce for the game still, one element that should pique some interest is that famed composer Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill franchise is working on the score for this project.

We’re not far off from The Medium’s release as it’s slated for a launch in the of 2020. However, we’re still finding out more about the game in small little trailers or interviews with the development team. The latest bit of information that comes from the game is a trailer. This is a small story trailer that offers a look into the other world where our protagonist greets a small injured child who talks about this evil entity. Apparently, this evil creature comes from hopelessness and it’s out to slaughter everything.

This game is also stacked with talent as you have an iconic voice actor for gaming making his appearance in The Medium as the main antagonist called the Maw. That’s, of course, Troy Baker, if you don’t know him by name then chances are he at least voiced some of your favorite video game characters. From playing Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, to Joel Miller in The Last of Us, Troy Baker is no stranger in delivering his vocal talents in video games.

For now, you can check out the latest trailer for The Medium in the video embedded above while we wait for its release on PC and Xbox Series X later this year. Likewise, we have a few game screenshots you can view down below. 

Source: YouTube