Microsoft Has Dropped The Xbox Series S Price In Japan

Going into 2020 there was a ton of anticipation and excitement for the video game industry. We knew that this would be the year that both Sony and Microsoft would bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, none of us could have expected the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak to occur. It was such a huge ordeal that has affected all of our daily lives and we’re still going through new strict rules to ensure the safety of not only ourselves but for others as well. This virus outbreak wasn’t enough to sway either Sony or Microsoft to hold off on their next-generation console release.

Both companies are planning to bring out their next-generation platforms into the market this November. For Microsoft, this would mean the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, while Sony has the PlayStation 5 both a standard along with a digital-only version. One area that Microsoft has been dealing with is the lack of exclusive content and a real stand in the Japanese markets. That’s something that they are hoping to change up this upcoming generation of video game consoles. 

For starters, Microsoft made the announcement that they obtained ZeniMax Media. We’re sure you heard that news already as it gave Microsoft several new studios along with IPs. One of the biggest is Bethesda which could prompt The Elder Scrolls, Starfield, and Fallout to become Microsoft exclusives. However, that’s not enough to really carve out their own space in Japan. During the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft stated that they wanted to do more for the market and deliver content that would appeal to the market.

We’re not sure just what more acquisitions are in the works for Microsoft, but there have been rumors that Microsoft is in talks with Sega. That could give them a better grip in Japan, but for now, that’s just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed at the moment. With that said, there is another move that Microsoft is making and it’s a price reduction to the Xbox Series S. In Japan the Xbox Series S will get reduced $29 which would put it a $100 under the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console.

For now, it will be interesting to see just what else Microsoft is able to do in order to gain some real footing in Japan. At any rate, we can expect both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles to come out in November. However, we’re uncertain just how hard these consoles will be to obtain initially because of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that may have proved difficult in not only manufacturing but shipping units. 

Source: VGC