Xbox Series S Officially Confirmed

Going into 2020 there was a ton of hype and anticipation for both Sony and Microsoft. We knew that both manufacturers were going to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms this year, but with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it was uncertain if the consoles would get pushed back or how the companies planned to even unveil them. It’s something that industries worldwide are dealing with but for Microsoft and Sony, it’s not going to stop them from bringing out their next-generation video game consoles as we can still expect them in stores this holiday season.

With that said, information for these consoles has been coming out in different online streaming events. Both Microsoft and Sony have been highlighting different aspects of the next-generation console online whether it’s the hardware running these consoles or the video game software players can enjoy in the near future. Still, for a good while now, fans have been waiting to see when Microsoft would be unveiling the Xbox Series S

If you’re unaware, the Xbox Series S was an unconfirmed console model alongside the Xbox Series X. It’s something that’s been supposedly leaked and rumored on for months. However, most recently, there was a leaked photo of the Xbox Series S that suggested it would be launching for about $299. Fortunately, it didn’t take Microsoft long after to go ahead and announce the console online officially which confirmed the design and $299 price point. 

This looks to be quite the small Xbox release and outside of it not having a disc drive, there’s really nothing else we can go off of. Microsoft does indicate that more information will be shared soon, but in the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see just when those announcements will make it out into the public.

Source: Twitter