Xbox Series S To Be Announced This August?

Going into 2020 we knew that this was going to be a massive year for the video game industry. Things started to subside a bit when the coronavirus health outbreak pandemic hit, but still, it’s an event that was not slowing down Sony or Microsoft when it comes to their announcements and eventual release of the next-generation video game consoles. There are still a ton of questions left unanswered on what’s being unveiled, but we at least know what the consoles look like and a release window of this holiday season.

Microsoft was the first to pull the trigger by unveiling and showcasing the power of their Microsoft Xbox Series X and recently, Sony stepped up to plate with their official reveal of the PlayStation 5. Both are some powerhouse video game consoles aiming to deliver some incredible entertainment for the masses. So far there is just one model of the Xbox Series X, but Sony unveiled that with the PlayStation 5, consumers can decide on whether they would like the standard model or a version that removes the disc drive. 

We of course don’t know the prices for either platform yet so we’re not sure just how much of a difference between the disc drive and digital-only version. For now, the Xbox Series X is been hitting the headlines a bit more lately due to this Project Lockhart appearances. We’re waiting for Microsoft to unveil just what Project Lockhart is, but the expectations are that we’re going to see a slightly underpowered Xbox Series X that will come at a price cut. 

Now reports are coming out that Microsoft has plans to announce this Xbox Series X S during August and with it, we could see the differences between the console and the Xbox Series X along with just how much the platform will cost. It seems that both Microsoft and Sony are keeping the price of their consoles will be when it hits the market. 

Source: IGN