Nioh 2 Darkness into the Captial DLC Announced, Set to Release October 15th

Tom Lee Creative Director at Team Ninja took to the PlayStation Blog to announce and detail the upcoming DLC for their hit RPG title — Nioh 2!

Titled as the Darkness into the Captial, players will be brought back into the world of Nioh 2, but not like ever before. Tom lee has shared some details about the upcoming expansion, but he did not go into to much detail as the expansion will be filled with mystery, darkness, and new monsters for players to explore. The expansion has also been dated for October 15th, which is not too far away!

Check out the overview for Nioh 2 — Darkness into the Capitol down below:

Now I’d hate to leave you guys completely in the dark on this upcoming DLC expansion. So, let me throw out some clues and story details to give you a taste of what’s on the horizon for this next installment.

In order to unravel the mysteries surrounding the history of the Sohayamaru, our protagonist ventures to Kyoto City and discovers a shrine furnished with an old worn-out box. Upon inspection, the Sohayamaru once again shines brilliantly and the protagonist is whisked away to the middle of the Heian Period, landing in an ancient version of the capital. 

Contrary to its name “Heian Palace,” which means peace and tranquility, ancient Kyoto was terrorized by countless Yokai during this time period. However, there existed many heroes who were brave enough to oppose these demons. Among them were the most preeminent demon slayer and the strongest sorcerer in history, along with their subordinates and colleagues fighting at their side. 

Our protagonist joins forces with these famous heroes in order to quell the unrest and destruction caused by the Yokai hordes, while learning more about the connections between an even more distant past and the present time period from which they came.

In related news, the developer Ninja team has released an update for Nioh 2 earlier this month, which has brought a ton of welcomed changes and fixes.

Titled as patch v1.14., the update comes with several adjustments and bug fixes. If you have been playing Nioh 2 recently, you’ve probably run into a bug here and there, and Team Ninja hopes to keep those experiences at a minimum, check out the full article here!

Nioh 2 is now available for the PS4. The upcoming DLC — Darkness in the Capital is set to release on October 15th. Are you excited for the upcoming expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

source: PS Blog