Mediatonic Adds A Rare Fall Guys Easter Egg That You’ll Probably Never See

There’s a ton of love for Fall Guys. Development studio Mediatonic managed to release this game during the pandemic where most of us are at home. Likewise, they launched the game on the PlayStation 4 as a PS Plus title which means right at launch there was a massive player base readily available to enjoy the game. This battle royale title is quite addicting and even if you never win, it’s incredibly hard pulling away from the game.

If you haven’t tried this game yet, Fall Guys puts players into a bean-like character that must complete a series of mini-games. With only a limit to how many can progress, it’s a race to the finish line or gathering enough points to ensure your team makes it to the next round. While most of us are waiting for the next season of content to release into the market, fans are discovering a new update the game added into the mix, but it’s one that you’ll likely never see.

Mediatonic has put in an Easter Egg where players will start a game with a hundred lifeless characters on the map. It’s certainly a surprising experience for fans that are not aware of this Easter Egg, but again, don’t expect it on your game because Mediatonic has come out to alert fans that this Easter Egg is a very low probability.

Currently, Fall Guys is available to enjoy right now on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. We’re likely going to see this game launch into the market for other platforms at a later date simply because of the popularity. However, all eyes are on the next season update which is set to come out on October 6, 2020. In the meantime, check out our Before You Buy episode upload on the game down below.

Source: Twitter