Call of Duty: Cold War Beta Schedule Announced; Starts October 8th

Activision has officially announced the beat schedule for Call of Duty: Cold War and the first week is set to kick off in early October!

To be more specific, October 8th, however, the 8th and 9th of October will be exclusive to PlayStation early access users. The 10th through the 12th will be available for everyone on the PlayStation platform, while weekend two will allow all platforms to jump into the beta.

The developers and publishers have released a detailed blog post that discusses the beta schedule, what is included, and more. If you’re excited about Call of Duty: Cold War, I would suggest checking out the details down below as they give you a ton of information about the upcoming multiplayer game.

Check out the COD: Cold War Beta schedules, and some other details about the upcoming via Activision down below:

  • Weekend One (PlayStation-Exclusive)
    • October 8 to 9 – PlayStation 4 Early Access
    • October 10 to 12 – PlayStation 4 Open Beta
  • Weekend Two (Cross-Play Beta)
    • October 15 to 16 – Xbox and PC Early Access, PlayStation 4 Open Beta
    • October 17 to 19 – Open All Platforms

Early Access and Open Beta Times*:

There are two weekends of Black Ops Cold War Beta content with each “weekend” lasting a total of around five days, scheduled to begin each Thursday morning at 10AM, with exact timing to be decided.

Weekend 1: PlayStation®4 Exclusive Beta

The first Beta Weekend is exclusively for PlayStation 4 owners, running from Thursday, October 8 to Monday, October 12.

Weekend 1: Early Access

Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9 are available for early access on PlayStation 4 to players who have pre-ordered Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Check online here for pre-order information.

Weekend 1: Open

Saturday October 10, to Monday, October 12 is free to all PlayStation 4 owners. If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 and an internet connection, you should be ready to engage, though PlayStation®Plus may be a requirement in some territories.

Weekend 2: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC Beta (Crossplay)

The second Beta Weekend is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owners, starting from Thursday, October 15, and running to Monday, October 19.

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, regardless of whether or not you pre-ordered the game, you can resume and continue to play the Open Beta free for the entire Weekend 2 period.

Weekend 2: Early Access

The first two days of the weekend – Thursday, October 15, and Friday, October 16, – are available for early access to anyone who has pre-ordered or pre-purchased the game on Xbox One/ Xbox Series X, or on PC via Blizzard respectively. If you’re an Xbox One or PC owner and want to play Weekend 2 of the Beta for the longest possible time, be sure to pre-order. This period will be open for PS4 players. Check online here for pre-order information.

Weekend 2: Open

The rest of the Open Beta period, running from Saturday, October 17, to Monday, October 19, is accessible to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. If you’ve got an Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required to play. If you have a PC, a account is required to play. Other than these prerequisites and an internet connection, you should have everything you need to play. And as a reminder, the Weekend 2 of the Beta Test will include crossplay.

Declassified Intel: Multiplayer Modes Overview

Expect to see familiar core modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination, and Kill Confirmed brought back alongside new ways to play like VIP Escort, Combined Arms, and Fireteam. Black Ops 4’s fan-favorite competitive Control mode makes a return, as well!

VIP Escort

In this new 6v6 objective core game mode, teams either protect or subdue a randomly selected player who becomes a VIP. This Very Important Player only gets a kitted-out pistol, a smoke grenade, a UAV for team intel, and the satisfaction of having up to five other squadmates defend them.

These protectors must escort the VIP to an extraction point as they fend off the attacking team, whose goal is to neutralize the VIP before they escape. A non-VIP who dies during the round is out until the next one, but a downed player at zero health can defend themselves in Last Stand or be revived by a teammate to get back into the fight.

Combined Arms

A 12v12 battle that combines infantry and vehicular gameplay, Combined Arms is a larger-scale mode where the action is tailed to the environment it takes place within.

Depending on the map, vehicles such as Tanks, Snowmobiles, Attack Helicopters or Wakerunners will amplify and advance the action alongside traditional gunfights, allowing for jaw-dropping moments right in the middle of an intense engagement.


Fireteam is a new 40-player category of Black Ops Multiplayer with up to 10 teams of four, where the action is centered around not just the operators in the field, but also the environment they battle in. The first available Fireteam game type is called Dirty Bomb, which we’ll have more information on as we get closer to launch!

Signature Combat: Initial Gameplay Information

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s boots-on-the-ground combat is built upon the familiar feel of Black Ops movement and gunplay, all while innovating on key gameplay elements to bring it to new heights.

It begins with, of course, the weaponry. A new weapon sound engine brings further understanding of enemy and friendly gunfire, giving players a sense of what is being fired at them and where it came from through three-dimensional and directional sound.

For an operator’s own loadouts, the Create-a-Class system is now slot-based, automatically giving them a primary, secondary, lethal and tactical equipment, a Field Upgrade, and a set of Perks.

Loadouts can also be outfitted with class-changing Wildcards, which can provide one of four benefits:

·      Grant eight attachments for a primary weapon

·      Carry up to six Perks

·      Double the number of lethal and tactical equipment given on spawn

·      Carry three Perks from any category, rather than be limited to one of each

With more points of motion and physics effects, operators’ movement will feel more lifelike than ever before. On top of these visual advancements, expect four new refinements in movement to be introduced in Black Ops Cold War:

·      Sprint Take Off – Operators automatically receive a burst of speed when starting a sprint, then settle down to a normal sprint speed.

·      Sliding – Slides start and end in a crouched position for a more believable movement pattern.

·      Footstep Control – Faster movement makes more noise, while slower movement doesn’t make as much sound. Players can further reduce the sound of their footsteps while sprinting with the return of the classic Ninja Perk.

·      Jumping – Expect more natural height in jumps, which briefly slows an operator down as they land.

A Connected Experience

Black Ops Cold War is set to support cross-platform and cross-generation play as well as cross-progression, breaking ground for the Call of Duty franchise as it introduces the next generation of global combat.

This sense of interconnectedness will be felt across all modes of play and for every available platform including PC, where Beenox is the lead developer. Through, PC players can expect major improvements made to the Call of Duty PC experience of the past, along with better monitoring widgets, notifications for performance anomalies, additional gameplay settings, and numerous visual features driven by the latest in software innovations.

In related news, Activision has released a new trailer showcasing the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Cold War.

The new trailer showcases some of the upcoming maps in CoD: Cold War as well as some new gameplay mechanics. The trailer is about 3 minutes long and as its a mesh of cinematic and gameplay, the footage shows off how the multiplayer gameplay looks, which of course pretty awesome. If you want check out the recently released trailer for yourself, read more here!

Call of Duty: Cold War is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13th. Both next generation console versions of the game as not been dated. Are you excited for the upcoming Cold War beta? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Activision