Sonic The Hedgehog Will Have Some Big Content Coming In 2021

There are quite a few notable franchises that have gained a massive following over the years. Few of them reach as big of a success as others, but for the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, almost everyone knows of the character. This iconic Sega franchise has been around for going on 30 years and that’s no easy feat. We’ve seen other iconic franchises get left on the wayside or become rather dormant later on. Sega may have been gearing up for its franchise to make a massive splash in 2021 when the company begins to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Right now, there’s a big focus around Nintendo and the 35th anniversary of Mario. However, just around the corner, we have Sega and its 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. This little iconic character got its start on the Sega Genesis and continues to find new installments on a regular basis. It wasn’t all that long ago either that we got a blast from the past style video game with Sonic Mania. The game played out like a traditional Sonic title from the Sega Genesis era of gaming and it became quite the massive success.

Since then, Sonic made another big hit in a different media form. Rather than being featured in a video game, Sonic was adapted into a blockbuster movie. Most video game adaptations into movies don’t do all that well, but there are a few exceptions. Sonic happened to be one of the cases that proved the character can really bright out a crowd and we know that a sequel is in the works so we’re not done with the cinematic universe of Sonic the Hedgehog. With that said, we’re also not doing with other forms of Sonic entertainment either.

An advertisement was found in the Licensing Source Book Europe summer 2020 edition that highlights Sonic the Hedgehog being featured in a big way for 2021. There’s the celebration happening for the 30th anniversary which will feature new video games, digital content, events, along with some major announcements. Of course, we don’t know just what content and the video games will be about, but we likely won’t have to wait too long into 2021 before we get the big unveiling.

Source: VGC