Fall Guys Anti Cheating Software Will Be Expanding Soon

With the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak going on in the world, we’ve seen several video game development studios get pushed back in terms of their projected upcoming video game releases. However, this window opened up for indie developers Mediatonic which managed to make a massive splash in the marketplace with their release of Fall Guys. This paired with the game being a free title for PlayStation Plus members allowed a massive community of players to enjoy the game at launch. It’s also extremely hard not to see this game pop up in some form or another.

Fall Guys has been flooding the internet with social media clips, YouTube videos, and streamers highlighting their gameplay. Everyone is enjoying this wacky and over-the-top battle royale title. In the game, players take the role of a bean-like character as they go through a series of mini-games. From there, the crowd of 60 participants slowly start to dwindle down until there is just one player left. It’s a tough game but one that’s pretty addictive and continues to find newcomers along with veterans returning to enjoy the game daily. However, just like with any popular online multiplayer video game, there is a slew of cheaters looking to sweep up some easy wins.

For any game out there, cheating dampens the gameplay experience quite a bit. There’s less of a competitive edge when there’s literally zero chance of winning the game. This is especially true for battle royale games where the main goal is to be the last man standing. In Fall Guys, we’ve been seeing an influx of cheaters joining in on the fun. These cheaters are pretty easy to spot as they can run faster or hover above the ground ensuring that they are away from obstacles or any danger of losing a match. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to report cheaters just yet. The in-game system simply doesn’t allow for it and users had to resort to emailing support over the matter. That’s going to change hopefully soon as Fall Guy’s official Twitter account alerted followers that Mediatonic is sorry for the cheating problems that players are dealing with. Over the next week, we should see a larger detection system get put in place that will detect cheaters and remove them from the game. This is the same cheating detection system that used in Fortnite.

While fans are likely eager to see Fall Guys free from cheaters, some players are hoping to see Fall Guys in general on their preferred platform. As it stands right now, Fall Guys is only available on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. However, with the massive success this game has seen, we imagine more ports are underway

Source: Twitter