Fall Guys May Release On Other Platforms After All

Fall Guys was a massive hit and one we’re not sure too many expected. It’s been a hot seller through Steam and certainly an entertaining game to watch on Twitch. Developed by Mediatonic, who was mainly known for releasing web-based video games, the studio created an indie hit that has players wondering just what’s next for this game. If you don’t own a PC or a PlayStation 4, currently, the game is unattainable, but that may not be the case for very long.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the last man standing type of video game. Essentially, 60 players are dropped into the game where there is a random rotation of mini-games that players will need to complete. They can be anything from an obstacle course to breaking the players into teams. As the game progresses, players will eventually get disqualified for not completing the course or being the last ranking team. This will continue on until there is just one player left standing, essentially like a battle royale.

The wackiness of the gameplay and courses has made this game not only fun to play but also to watch online either through streams or video uploads. Fall Guys will also see plenty of updates with new courses being added into the mix along with other features and cosmetics for players to unlock. However, at the moment the title is only available on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. That’s going to change potentially in the future.

Announced through the Technical Questions section of the Mediatonic website, the development team alerted fans that they could see Fall Guys release on other platforms and they even ask fans to reach out on Twitch or their Discord channels to alert them of what platforms you would like to see the game release next. Being such a massive hit, we’re not surprised to see this game hit the marketplace for other platforms.

Source: Fall Guys