Mediatonic Teases Fall Guys Big Yeetus Update

Fall Guys was a massive hit when it launched and this indie game is still finding both new players and a swarm of veteran players enjoying the game today. It came out at a perfect time where most of us are refraining from going out with this health pandemic outbreak. As a result, this wacky and over-the-top battle royale game was quick to find a massive audience ready to play it. That along with it being paired as a PlayStation Plus free video game really made it accessible to a large audience right out of the gate.

Chances are you’re playing this game already. However, if not, then you’ve seen gameplay scattered about social media, YouTube, and streamers through the likes of Twitch. Players can’t get enough of the chaotic and intense gameplay as players go through a series of mini-games in hopes of being the last man standing. Of course, with that said, there is a constant rotation of levels being turned out on a regular basis. Players will find that this game features a pretty diverse set of levels, but after playing the game since launch, there are likely some Fall Guys veterans that are ready for some new content.

We know that Fall Guys is receiving a new season filled with content. We don’t know just what levels will be presented, but it will apparently be themed around medieval times both in terms of the levels and costume unlocks. However, there is likely more content being added in soon as a recent Tweet from the official Fall Guys Twitter account revealed the Big Yeetus.

Big Yeetus is a new randomly generated giant hammer that will be placed within different levels. We’re not sure if Big Yeetus will be presented in each game but this giant swinging hammer may help or hurt players during the game. For instance, players may find that this giant hammer can smash their character further into the level getting them by different obstacles. Meanwhile, this hammer could also become a real pain to deal with if it’s generated in an area that will prevent players from progressing ahead. So far we don’t know when this update will be added into the mix or if there is any other content inbound, but players can still enjoy Fall Guys right now on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter