Martha Is Dead Receives A New Creepy Trailer

There is always a big market for psychological horror games. People really love creepy titles that don’t necessarily rely on jump scares. It’s more of putting players into an unsettling atmosphere with little resources and overwhelming odds stacked against you. Of course, mixed within it is usually a compelling story that keeps you wondering just what will happen next. LKA is an indie game development studio that brought out their first game in 2016 known as The Town of Light, a psychological horror adventure game that received some mixed reviews. 

Now the studio is preparing for their next big release which is Martha Is Dead. The title was supposed to make its way out into the market this year but it has since been pushed into sometime in 2021. From what we know about the game so far, this title is set within Tuscany in 1944 during the second World War. A young woman named Martha is found dead at the side of a lake where her twin sister must now carry on with a great loss and also the horrors of war surrounding her. 

This dark psychological horror game is bound to touch on some hard subjects and we even got two new trailers for the title to showcase. With both trailers, you not only get a look at the setting for Martha Is Dead but also the gameplay element that LKA is bringing to the game. You can watch both trailers which one is above along with another gameplay footage by IGN is embedded below. Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait for the exact release date on Martha Is Dead which is slated to be within 2021 for the Xbox Series X and the PC platforms.

Source: IGN