Acclaimed Psychological Horror Game The Town of Light Is Coming to Consoles

Wired Productions has revealed today that is has signed a worldwide publishing agreement with talented Italian developer LKA. It brings an update version of the award-winning psychological horror game The Town of Light to consoles and PC. This newly enhanced version offers fresh story-supporting content and numerous enhancements to its original release. The Town of Light will make its retail debut on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Q2 2017.

This new release also adds in new puzzles, additional story elements, reworked voiceover dialogue, more interactive elements and a huge graphical and UI overhaul that aims to deliver a more polished and immersive experience. A new trailer was also released today that highlights the narrative structure and tone of the game.

The game is set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, which used to be a real former mental treatment facility in Tuscany, Italy. The asylum was shut down in the 1970s in accordance with an Italian law that instructed all asylums to close completely and give patients back their civil rights.

The Town of Light’s protagonist is 16-year-old Renee, who is searching for answers to the many questions from her past, while she explores and uncovers the place where she spent the majority of her youth. The game is designed to blend together with a mix of expert storytelling, interactive entertainment, and suspense.

“Thanks to their passion for the game and Renee’s story, we are immensely proud to bring The Town of Light to console audiences together with Wired Productions,” said Luca Dalcò, Creative Director at “It has been a long journey and our experience developing the PC version allowed us to learn a lot. Those learnings and the warm community feedback were instrumental in creating the enhanced version of the game we are developing.”

“We followed the progress of The Town of Light since its first showcase in 2014, and we are really excited to work with Luca and his team to bring this very special experience to console,” added Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions. “The merging of real events and places with a powerful and an often uncomfortable storyline makes for a compelling combination.”