New Legendary Lord Grombrindal Is Now Available For Free In Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly today announced that the new Legendary Lord Grombrindal, The White Dwarf himself, is now available to all players to download for absolutely free. Grombrindal stands in solidarity with Dwarfen brethren Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Ungrim the Slayer King as a leader of Dwarfen campaigns. This comes in the wake of a period of exclusivity with Games Workshop stores last year.

Grombrindal has a number of traits and abilities which make him a unique Legendary Lord. Unique battle abilities and some extreme new campaign map abilities offer players a whole new, completely free approach to Total War: Warhammer.

Like all Legendary Lords, Grombrindal unlocks a series of unique quests as he levels up, each of which rewards him with his legendary wargear. Grombrindal has four unique quest chains to embark on, bestowing him with loot like the Run Helm of Zhufbar, the Armor of Glimril Scales, the Rune Cloak of Valaya and the Rune Axe of Grimnir.

Owners of Total War: WARHAMMER can download Grombrindal for free now: In addition, Creative Assembly is hard at work on the largest free content update yet for Total War: Warhammer The Kingdom of Bretonnia. For more details visit