Firewatch Is Being Made Into A Movie

There are all kinds of great video game titles released into the market that eventually get picked up for a movie adaptation. Now a lot of those adaptations don’t really hit the strides of the source material. In fact, few and far between do we get a great adaptation from a video game, but it looks like there are still attempts coming out in all sorts of production companies. Now it looks like there will be an adaption to one previous indie hit that came out from the studio Campo Santo.

If you’re not familiar with the studio name then chances are you’ll at least know them by the hit video game title Firewatch. This studio brought out the iconic walking simulator several years ago and it’s been a game that’s highly recommended by players to this very day. Walking simulators require a bit of a niche group for their enjoyment. Instead of the high thrills of action or the fan-favorite battle royale game modes we’re seeing flood the marketplace today, these titles focus more on the storyline. 

In Firewatch, we got a narrative telling the story of Henry, a fire lookout set in the late 1980s. With nothing more than a walkie-talkie to speak with a nearby lookout named Delilah, players sit in on a slow but intriguing storyline burn. We soon begin to find out why Henry accepted an isolated job and as the narrative continues to pick up, a mystery lays in front of Henry along with Delilah. Perhaps these two are not isolated after all, but you’ll have to either play the game or wait for this upcoming film adaptation. 

We now know that Snoot Entertainment has managed to strike out a deal with Campo Santo who is now owned under Valve. It looks like a film will be made using Firewatch as the source material. We’re not sure just how much of the film will alter the storyline set up from Campo Santo, but being a walking simulator, perhaps this will be an easier adaptation for the studio to pull off.

Source: THR