Take-Two May Have Unveiled GTA 6 Location

There is a massive fan base for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. For years, there’s been growing anticipation just what the development studio at Rockstar was going to do next for the franchise. Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors are always popping up online and it’s never more than just a supposed rumor or leak, but this latest rumor has a few interesting aspects attached to it. It looks like Take-Two may have leaked out the location setting for the next mainline installment. 

One of the popular rumors that are going around online suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take players back to the popular Vice City location. This is an iconic map that was used in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and once again in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. These games were immensely popular due to the setting and even the soundtrack. However, there’s been nothing really concrete that suggests that this rumor is more than just a speculation piece going up online. 

A new post on Reddit has come up that alerts fans that Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, has registered a domain for Grand Theft Auto Vice City Online. There’s nothing more than that right now, but it could be an indicator that not only is the next mainline installment slated to return on the popular map setting from the franchise but also include an online game mode component much like Grand Theft Auto Online.

What we hope to see soon is some kind of an announcement regarding the next new Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto V was released on last-generation and current-generation console platforms. Additionally, this online component for the title has been incredibly successful that the studio is still delivering new content regularly. Now we know that the game is once again moving on to the next-generation video game console platforms when they release. Perhaps this will hopefully tie over for a new Grand Theft Auto announcement in the near future. 

Source: Reddit